Collecting 370Zs

Nissan’s 370Z is a great car to have in your collection – like the 350Z, it’s never going to go out of style, but it also has quite a few perks over its predecessor.

If you’re a proud 370Z owner and would like to show it off while also interacting with other owners, Florida is one of the places to be. Talking to other 370Z owners and seeing their vehicles might inspire you to make that one last adjustment to your own vehicle that will make it perfect. If not, you’re gonna have to contend with merely seeing a bunch of great-looking cars and conversing with some nice individuals – not a bad consolation prize, right? Here are some great places for 370Z and general car enthusiasts in Florida.


  • SunCentral Z Club: If you love your 370Z, this is one club you’ll want to be a part of. The SC Z Club joins many Z-car enthusiasts from all over Florida and the U.S. and lets everyone indulge in their love for these vehicles. The group has monthly meetings inside a stylish wooden cabin or various other places, holds two yearly tours (caravans) where members show off their vehicles and also helps any member with various tips on how to get the most out of their vehicle – some of the group’s members are truly knowledgeable and yet provide knowledge free of charge. Besides, since it’s called the Z club and 370Z is the newest model in the long line, you’ll sort of be the coolest kid in the club (although some of the members’ mods might overshadow even your new-and-hip 370Z). This club used to be comprised of two different ones (SunCoast and Central Florida), although they’ve recently joined to form a unified body of Florida’s Z-car enthusiasts.
  • Fort Myers Truck, Car and Motorcycle Show: If you’re in SW Florida from December to March, there’s no reason to miss this epic automotive show. Spanning over four months, the Fort Myers show features Corvette and Viper displays, auctions of classic and unique cars, races between All-Americans like Mustangs and Corvettes and much more. Every visitor is a car enthusiast of some kind, and you’ll have no trouble making new friends who share a common interest (plus you might learn or thing or two). Pick the right time to visit, and your 370Z might end up being treated as one of the cars on display, provided it has some mods and is in great condition.
  • Brandon Car Show & Festival: This West Coast festival brings together heaps of car lovers every year and lasts from the start of December to the start of April. There’s no shortage of unique events, either: Do you find celebrities fascinating? The Celebrity Auto Festival will leave you breathless. Have you ever wondered who has more power, the Mustang or a jeep? The Jeeps VS. Mustangs event aims to put that question to rest once and for all. There are also quite a few cruises available over the months, which will let you drive your 370Z alongside many other great cars with a lot of interested spectators watching.
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Best 370Z mods to do

Modding your car doesn’t have to involve massive changes that make it scream „underground racing“. It can just mean a couple of adjustments to an already-beautiful frame that make the vehicle’s owner look like a bad individual.

Due to the low base price of 370Z ($30,000 for a new one), it’s an extremely popular coupe to mod. Unlike the Corvette or an Audi A8, the 370Z’s appearance is much more pliable and gives range to a wide variety of looks. Here are some mods you can do on your 370Z that are classy, cheap and don’t cost a lot.

  • Tinted windows: Let’s list the least-invasive (and perhaps the most common) type of mod first. Tinted windows are a great way to pronounce a darker-colored vehicle, although they look best on one that is pitch-black. Blackened windows that don’t let curious gazes through will make you look serious and powerful, although many institutions and government bodies don’t welcome them – for example, many university campuses don’t allow their students to drive windows with too dark of a tint (although you probably aren’t a student if you own a 370Z to begin with).
  • Larger tires with new rims: Let’s face it: regular rims are often boring and can detract from the appearance of an otherwise-stunning vehicle. Rims (especially larger ones) with appropriate tires are a great first mod since they’re fairly cheap and easily replaceable. There are many different rim patterns to choose from, and each can be colored based on the car owner’s wishes. Same-color rims are nice, but those that provide contrast can work just as well (black car with red rims, anyone?).
  • Front spoiler: Rear spoilers can be a bit too loud and race car-ish, often giving the car a look that many find tacky. Front spoilers, on the other hand, are a great way to give that sturdy modded look to a car without going overboard. If you think even a front spoiler would be too much, don’t dismiss them before going through an extensive catalogue – some front spoilers will seem as if they’re a natural part of the car while at the same time giving it a greatly improved appearance over the basic version.
  • Lowering the car: An easy-to-do mod revolving around reducing springs to make the car appear lower and more ‘on its tires’. Lowered cars whose wheels seem to dig into the frame look great, although you’ll definitely want a professional to do this mod on your 370Z start-to-finish.


Aside from aesthetic mods, there are numerous steering and performance mods you can do for your 370Z, although they’re often unnecessary – despite being a rear-wheel, the 370Z handles itself well and has more power than most urban settings can handle. If you want more out of your 370Z, it’s best to go for one of the non-basic versions: NISMO features a different (‘faster’) appearance and slightly improved specs while the Sport, Touring and Tech versions offer more features out of the box for a higher price. The Touring Sport version even comes with a convertible topside, although the fact that it costs around $18,000 more will probably make you want to stick to the standard issue.

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Living in Palm Beach Florida

Palm Beach is a great place to live in, and it’s also a great place to go out at night. Thanks in good part to Florida’s famous warm weather, the county has no shortage of amazing nightlife destinations that will make you feel as if you’re a lot younger than you really are (even if you’re in your 20s!).

Finding the perfect day and night spots can be difficult considering how vibrant this county is, so here’s a list for each part of the day – you can expect any of these places to welcome you and captivate you year-round if you’re a friendly individual with a penchant for having fun.

Palm Beach Florida in the daytime – restaurants and other dining places

Cafe L’europe: Don’t let Cafe L’europe’s name deceive you – it offers a lot more than just coffee. We all know American food is great, but what about European dishes? Cafe L’europe gives you a chance to taste various European dishes from places like France or Italy as well as some of the lesser-known ones, all prepared by master chefs who clearly know what they’re doing. The atmosphere of the place is every bit as great as its food, being elegant and refined – you weren’t exactly expecting a grill bar with this name, though, were you?

Leopard Lounge and Restaurant: It might be difficult to pinpoint where the designers of Leopard Lounge’s interior got their inspiration from, but one thing is for sure: it works. Aside from the stunning indoors, the place also has some of the best food you can get in Palm Beach, especially during its talked-about happy hour. Aside from being a great daytime location, it also doubles-up as an effective nighttime spot for those looking for a calmer atmosphere.

Palm Beach Grill: If you’d like to visit a classy restaurant with an American feel to it, look no further than Palm Beach Grill. Absent of some of the more exotic dishes found in other establishments, Palm Beach Grill nonetheless has a variety of seafood (including some you might be seeing and tasting for the first time), as well as expertly-made traditional grill-based dishes. While the staff is friendly and the food is great, the place can get quite loud, which can be a good thing or a bad one.

Palm Beach Florida in the nighttime – bars and clubs

Off The Hookah: The name might invoke certain thoughts as to what this club could look like, but it’s actually a fairly classy place with great music, cheap drinks and a dance floor that never sleeps. Hookah bars are becoming more and more popular, and this is definitely one of the best in all of Florida.

E.R. Bradley’s Saloon: Aside from letting you say “I was drinking at the saloon last night”, E.R. Bradley’s establishment will also treat you to a happy hour that promises to get you drunk in no time, even if you just came for a beer – who can say no to an all-inclusive beverage discount? The location of the place also lets you enjoy a great ocean view whenever you’re not too busy drinking cheap and having fun.

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Nissan 370Z review


The 350Z used to be (and for some, still is) Nissan’s trademark vehicle. While having only two seats undoubtedly worked to reduce its appeal to some, true fans of sports cars and Nissan’s unique brand of vehicles couldn’t have cared less.

Everything gets succeeded by something, and so did the 350Z. But in upgrading it to the new-and-improved 370Z, did Nissan really do enough to justify shelving their famous car?

What the 370Z does and what it doesn’t do

The 370Z is meant to appeal to a certain type of individual: one who is looking for an urban car with a lot of power under the hood that can be made to look like anything. In fact, this is part of the 370Z’s appeal – despite its two seats suggesting a racing purpose, it can pull off many convincing looks that are the polar opposite of one another, from a slick business vehicle to one that looks fresh off the set of Fast and Furious.

The 370Z’s performance in its original state isn’t going to have you winning Le Mans anytime soon, but it’ll still give you that feeling of being able to leave any city car in the dust, which is enough for many. The impressive 24-valve V-6 engine boasts 332 hp and goes from 0-60 in a little over 5 seconds with a maximum speed of around 160 mph. In short, you’ll have no problem getting to work in time with this baby.

Aside from an improved appearance that never seems to go out of style and a multitude of techy features, the car has another big buying point: its price. The basic version (which most will get) goes for around $30,000 brand-new – you’ll have a hard time finding an iconic car with similar performance and specs that manages to retain such an attractive price. Still, the 370Z has quite a bit of competition at its throat.

The 370Z’s powerful competitors

Whenever you’re buying a car, you’d do well to examine the competitors in its range to see just how good of a deal you’re getting. Here are some of 370Z’s fiercest competitors:

Porsche Boxter: Here’s one car that’s even more iconic than the 350Z/370Z. The Boxter is an old-made-new convertible that’s been delivering serious power for ages. Its engine is slightly more powerful than that of the 370Z, but the price is disproportionately higher: $55,000 if you’re lucky isn’t the best deal for this type of car, even if it’s a Porsche.

Chevrolet Corvette: The never-aging Corvette is just as beastly in its latest iteration as it always was. Similar to Dodge’s Viper, Corvette is a true American icon and this alone gives it a lot of buying value. Its engine is notoriously powerful, reaching 60 mph from zero in under 4 seconds with a top speed of over 180 mph thanks to its whopping 460 hp. As you might have expected, the price of around $60,000 is its biggest downside.

Jaguar F-Type: A competitor based on brand name more than anything else, the F-Type’s price of $66,000 and up can seem hard to justify at times: its specs are similar to the 370Z’s and the appearance leaves a little to be desired.

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